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I was very hesitant going in since this was my first experience with New York attorneys since I was in a different city. But they just made me feel very comfortable and safe. They explained everything in detail and put in lot of effort into getting the best result finally; Best professionals in their business.... Highly recommend them to anyone pursuing any case. Lucky to find such competent attorneys for a family member. With their experience and knowledge, best possible outcomes were achieved; a true win!! As we began our work together I also realized they are truly kind and compassionate people. Important to have an advocate like them on your side. Attorney Shields always demonstrated the highest character and integrity from beginning to end. Strongly recommend Liu& Shields LLP lawyers! Thank you so much... Attorney Shields, for your time and effort. Especially Attorney Shields you were always on top of things ... We got the best outcome because of your constant follow up.

Tom Tang

I would recommend Liu&Shields LLP law office to anyone who is looking for solve business matter in litigation. I visited her office and everything was handled very professionally. Lawyer Shields is very knowledgeable and I had done my research on this law office before calling. Attorney Carolyn Shields makes legal matters simple and easy. She is quick in providing answers to my questions and very patient when working with me. An advantage of working with her is the ability to take care of intellectual property rights, corporation and maritime law both in U.S. and China. I have consulted with other attorneys before and they tend to be very serious and boring. Carolyn Shields is much more pleasant to communicate with and her nice personality is rare quality to find in the legal industry. Excellent Law Firm and I will use them again.

Stevie Raffle

A very responsible law firm. I have consulted several law firms before, but I still feel that Liu & Shields explained to me in the most detailed manner, quickly helped me handle all my affairs, which is worth recommending. Great experience working with a diligent law firm whose work was precise and accurate from the moment our work together began. I asked Carolyn Shields questions and she was patient and informative with her timely responses throughout the process. We won. Thanks to our combined efforts! 

Henry Robinson

Carolyn Shields & Ying Liu lawyers indeed have more than  60 years of litigation experience together, helping our group company solve the big trouble that has plagued for 10 years. Attorney Shields is the best lawyer in Queens, New York.